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Foreign guarantors, Big B and national polity

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By Saeed Minhas

ISLAMABAD: While a very philosophical sounding finance minister kept negotiating the budget with parliamentarians by burying their ‘cut motions’, a flurry of activities involving some visiting foreign guarantors and the neighbouring Big B kept the federal capital under a spell, which not only prompted a call from the Presidency to Jati Umrah, but also another one from the World Cops to premier Gilani, and it also helped soften the Indians to talk about comprehensive, if not composite, dialogues.

What if the NRO stands invalidated by the black robes, the Super Cop and his trusted ally from the European islands certainly have ways to not only re-align things, but also smoothen any irritants causing concerns amongst the ruling junta of this country, claimed a senior diplomat privy to many of the talks and happenings on and around the hilltop.

Please don’t forget that amongst these guarantors, there were some royals as well in the Mush-cum-NRO-deal – as per the UN inquiry commission report – and they, for the time being, are just using the airwaves but would soon be seen in action once the Pakistani model of reconciliation is imitated in Afghanistan. Basically, they are there for the next round of reconciliation, and for all the right reasons, because who doesn’t know how much they matter when it comes to insurgents, commented the foreign envoys. The special emissary to Afghanistan and Pakistan had to kill his time in Afghanistan just to ensure that the new induction from the trusted islands stays on course and conveys a meaningful message to the Sharifs and the country’s political administrators, yet poses as a nice guy for the people by telling them that his country is not even averse to our deal with Iran and China for gas and nuclear stuff.

A senior political observer said a big change is taking place in the troubled but strategic Afghanistan, so the guarantors don’t want any trouble in this land of the pure. Therefore, he said, they had to inject with haste not only their cross-Atlantic ally into the foray, but also keep the “wounded figure” near to the bases in Kabul – not to meet Karzai, but to wait for Kayani to return from China.

We all know that the Obama administration’s diplomatic queen will also be landing in our capital, therefore, all the preparations were just essential, not only to mitigate her tough remarks after the Faisal Shahzad episode, but also to make her stay less troublesome, observed a senior analyst.

Considering Pakistan’s recent moves as somewhat troubling, some foreign diplomats said the timing of the gas pipeline project with Iran and a civil nuclear deal with China seems to have developed some ire in the West. Especially, they said, at a time when Gen McChrystal has opened a bag of embarrassments at the Obamities.

On the other hand, they said the allied forces were also holed up in Kandahar and without the support of Kayani and his official networks, they cannot even think of anything positive. Karzai’s inability and fatigue factor creeping into the allied armies, they said, has made Western countries realise the need to ensure stability in this country, which for now they are considering as the only safe haven from where they can plan, execute or terminate any strategy regarding the mineral-rich gateway to the world’s power-corridor.

Upon talking to local wizards, one finds that they have their own stories, especially the one regarding the Sharifs and the British envoy. As per the gossip in the Nooners’ camp, Sharif pleaded innocent by claiming he would be the last one to create any hindrance for the PPP. Although he was reminded of his royal lease papers and assured of immunity from any harm, he presented his charge-sheet against the Presidency. A late night dinner at the Presidency was the British dignitary’s last assignment in the city, but that was not the case for the over-worked Mr Zardari. Our moles confirmed that his call to the Jati Umrah was a gesture to show that he still believes in reconciliation.

Yet the Presidency’sclose aides revealed that the president continues to remain calm and is cracking jokes to keep all his men in a light mood. They revealed that despite all these activities and tensions of date-setting by some agenda-journalists, Mr Zardari continues to accommodate his trusted friends like Mirza Nasir Baig to the Pakistan Mineral Resource Centre chairmanship .

“You can well imagine how calm he is, as he never forgets his old friends (or enemies),” commented his trusted friend who himself is knee-deep in CDA affairs. Following these activities and special ratings from the visitors, political observers are of the view that even the fake degrees’ issue might not have that big an impact on the national polity. They said some of our prophetic anchorpersons are trying to create a storm in the tea cup, because even 40 cheaters from the National Assembly, or a 100-plus from all the four assemblies – mostly from Punjab – means nothing more than a series of by-elections.

In a country where playing politics is nothing but entertainment, what suits the ruling elite more than keeping busy in not only spending their time campaigning and playing with the dirty money of the contesting candidates. Another socio-economic wizard said this many elections going on means circulation of money and jobs for the masses. And it doesn’t matter if the same cheats make their way back to the assemblies, such as Jamshed Dasti, because they don’t matter when the guarantors are sitting there to help them during the troubled times. Will this mean something for the black robes or the extension issue of the khakis, that we will deliberate on later.