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War against Naxal a failure: Indian Home Secretary

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India: Bloody Naxal insurgency turns nasty ·Bharat (aka India) has been waging a fruitless war against the Naxals and the Maoists who control about 40% of the landmass of Bharat. The Security forces faced a huge defeat when 75 were killed in a Naxal counter attack. Now the Bharati Home Minister, Pillai has admitted that the disastrous operation has been a failure.

NEW DELHI: The government today ruled out use of air power in the fight against Naxalites and admitted obviously some element of failure in the operations led to the killing of 75 security personnel in Chhattisgarh today.

In a brief statement, the Home Secretary said that there were some element of failure in the operation.

“Preliminary reports indicate that the CPI(Maoists) had planted pressure bombs in surrounding areas where the security forces might take cover. As a result of this bulk of the casualties have taken place,” he said.

Pillai said all the 82 personnel who had participated in the operation have been accounted for and none has been captured by the Maoists. Times of India.

Tamils, Naxalites, Maoists, and the people of the Northeast soon started their struggle to throw the reins of New Delhi’s rule away and have their own independent countries under their own control. The Brahmin rulers in New Delhi, however, emerged with firm control on these rebellious states. Any voice of dissent was crushed with the help of a powerful and well-disciplined British-trained army. Indians also exploited some weak points of these rebellious populations. Tamils, for example, were misguided and lead to path that brought a lot of death and destruction of Tamils themselves. Indians started training and equipping Tamil youth under the name of LTTE and started an insurgency in Sri Lanka with a demand for an independent Tamil country. Indians got double advantage of that strategy. The civil war in Sri Lanka diverted the attention and focus of Tamils who originally wanted to get Tamil Nadu state out of Indian Union.
The government had launched an offensive called “Operation Green Hunt” against the Maoist militia in the hinterland of several states in east and central India where they have dug in and even control large tracts of territory inhabited by poor tribals that is beyond the pale of the administration.
“Something has gone very wrong,” a sombre Chidambaram told reporters outside his North Block office.
The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), which is in power in Chhattisgarh, called for an “all-out offensive” against the Maoists and said the government should embark on a “fight to finish” against the extremists. BJP spokesman Rajiv Pratap Rudy said the party will support the government in its anti-Maoist battle.
The government on Tuesday reacted with shock and outrage at the brutal killing of 75 paramilitary troopers by Maoists in the dense forests of Dantewada in Chhattisgarh with Home Minister P Chidambaram admitting that “something has gone very wrong”.
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh spoke with Chidambaram and called for an immediate meeting of the National Security Council to take stock of what he once called the country’s “biggest internal security challenge”. Hindustan Times
The Dantewada killings may leave the Centre with no option but to hit back at the Maoists to try and regain the advantage in a battle that is as much political and about morale as it is about waging hard combat in hostile jungles ruled by the red ultras. Times of India

Elaborating on goverment stategy to take on the Naxals, the home secretary said, “I don’t think we need to use air power at the moment (in the anti-naxal operation). We can manage with what we have. Our strategy is unfolding and we should be able to manage without air power,” Home Secretary Gopal K Pillai told reporters here.

However, he made it clear that the air power will be used only for evacuation and for mobility of troops.

Pillai called the Maoists “murderers” and said the government’s resolve was strengthened and it would continue to tackle the Maoist menace as planned.

The home secretary said the CRPF personnel returning to its base camp after two days of operations when the early hours of this morning it came under fire from hill features just about four kilometres from its base camp.

“As of now 74 CRPF personnel, including a Deputy Commandant and an Assistant Commandant and a Head Constable of state police force have died. Seven injured have been brought to Jagdalpur,” he said.

He said those who have gone from the base camp – to rescue the attacked team, also came under fire.

“One of the helicopter which has been dispatched to bring in the injured personnel also came under fire from the Maoists,” he added. Times of India.

This massive failure has implications for the Indian Union alread wracked with insurrection in the West (Kashmir) and East (Assam). In fact almost every state has an insurgency raging-all under the radar of the international media-all hidden by India Inc’s Panglossian gloss, under the smoke and mirrors of “Incredible India” . The thin veneer of “Shining India” cannot hide the shallow structure underneath.

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April 8, 2010 at 5:20 am