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US to review info on Headley shared with India

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Washington/ New Delhi: US intelligence officials will review the information that they shared on terror group Lashker-e-Taiba operative David Coleman Headley with India. The US move comes just a day after Union Home Secretary GK Pillai told CNN-IBN that the American authorities could have shared more information on Headley ahead of the November 26, 2008 terror attacks on Mumbai.

At a special White House briefing on Thursday, Washington-based Indian reporters were told that a top intelligence official would conduct the review of everything that was known related to the Headley case.

The statement comes a day after Home Secretary GK Pillai caused a storm ahead of US President Barack Obama’s maiden visit to India by claiming that the US did not share enough information on Headley with India.

“We could say that we were disappointed that the name of David Headley was not provided, if not pre-26/11 at least post 26/11. So that when he came subsequently in March 2009 to India at least at that time we could have nabbed him here,” Pillai had told CNN-IBN.

However, a few hours later US Ambassador to India Timothy Roemer denied Pillai’s charge on information related to Headley but refused to get into a war of words.

“When India asked for access to Headley we gave it, because India is our partner, our friend and someone with whom we share intelligence on a daily basis. So India could sit down with Headley and ask him what happened prior to Mumbai. We weren’t afraid of what he would say. In fact, we provided that opportunity to India with unprecedented access,” claimed Roemer.