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Militancy In Search of Happiness

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“Today people are exploited like never before, the divide between the haves and have nots is getting wider and wider, there is no recourse to justice and the rulers are completely disconnected from the peoples problems. This is a great tragedy that is forcing the poor to take up arms against the rich.” Raja Mujtaba

In this era of religious fervor and world wide resurgence of faith and beliefs Armies of liberals or so calling themselves enlightened moderates are stuck in loops of massive and mighty groups and factions of fervent believers defending their faith and beliefs through angry demands. Almost everywhere to the world these days word fundamentalism is sounding familiar. Having penetrated, built and strengthened an extensive network at grass root level and from lowest ebb of poverty and slums these militants and radical groups mainly operating under patronage of underworld mafia of death funders and their distributors and dealers of drugs, lethal arms and other endangered inventories. These extremist forces in question are not only known as Muslims but they are all now very well known as groups and factions of Christians, Zion, Hindus and Buddhist fundamentalists and conservatives. The rise of these endangered species around the world is not only because of the wider politicization of religions by corrupt Govts but also because of social and economic injustice, disparity and disorder as an out come of that new world order launched cunningly by richer states to grab grub and divert all resources especially of those nation states which are socially economically and politically weaker but highly enriched with natural resources.

Boom in religious arousals in our region especially after fall of USSR reflect several factors already identified by endless numbers of thinkers and writers. Main factor is the loose and oppressive system of political controls and governance by planted Corrupt and weak Govts especially in socially economically and politically weaker states. Because of social political and economic disparity and extensive gaps of miles and miles between rich and poor even some Buddhists have also adopted a tough minded profile. In so called shinning India the Militancy offers to vast number of low cast Dalits and other untouchables a way out of their country’s highly oppressive cast system. These Cast effective people all shouting out loud in mass conversion ceremonial gatherings “we don’t want to be treated as animals anymore”. Such growing numbers of extremists groups anywhere are now claiming through power of their own muscles to translate into political power like Hindutwa Terror. There is a big trouble therefore emerging not only out of some Muddrissahs but there are even bigger troubles and threats emerging out of some temples, churches, monasteries and even those getting enlightened under the banyan tree. Cleaning that all mess may take time so uncertainly but the proper understanding of the gravity of situation and realistic approach of all those who really matter here there and every where must not take any more time. Present course of continued collision must pick an immediate course of withdrawal and forces with all resources must be diverted and concentrated on immediate change from course of collision to course of cohesion and coherence through civilized means of social and economic justice within and across all societies.

Thereafter fall of USSR and launch of that new world order which unfortunately made the money but not the human values and general well being as the ultimate measure of success for countries and their people.

This approach of money as an ultimate measure of success not only affected to draw a clear divide in societies making rich as richie rich and poor as slum dog as potential terrorist in hands of mafias. High time those who matter either in America or rest of the world must get ready to look into the most unlikely sides of the menace of militancy especially when men like Mr. Joe Bidden standing on soils of this troubled region loudly acknowledge the fact that Military is not the only solution of Militancy.

Now the approach of Economic experts towards Economic Policies of their countries is highly needed to be innovative. Their policy makers and money merchants must now think more about general happiness and wellbeing of their people rather than merely on bullshit of GDP. But can bureaucracies of today especially of countries like Pakistan really be educated to think and measure about Happiness in Economics? As an ordinary citizen having nothing to do with science and technology of economics I am more concerned about my happiness in my own economics rather than about GDP of my country. But throughout our lives all ordinaries like me for our happiness are made to run after that unmatchable untouchable moving target of GDP. That GDP nuisance ever since has intensified poverty, has extended the slums and has generated slum dogs especially in our region. Today there is nothing else in the world that sells like poverty. Unfortunately all programs of poverty alleviation of money merchants and their NGOnised agents are infect poverty glorification programs to even make more money out of slums.

When like morality and empathy are imbibed in our genes so are savagery and blood lust. Those who matter in countries and societies to affect the lives and livelihood of their people must learn what makes their people both noble and terrible. They must also learn to distinct between virtues and vice.