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Security and safety is a core issue of Muslims in India

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By Abdul Hannan Siwani Nadvi

Whether or not quota or reservation is necessary for Muslims is still a big issue among Muslims in India. If a class rejects it, other one supports it, both having their own logics, reasons and arguments. The class in favor of Muslim reservation, says that Muslims’ backwardness can be removed by it, and the second one that rejects it, says that Muslim community can’t move forward only with reservation. Maulana Kalbe Sadiq, a prominent Shia cleric, said in a public convention: “no community can move forward on crutches, we need to instill life in it.”

I think reservation for Muslims is not a main issue. Instead of wasting energy on it, Muslims must know that security and a society free from religious hatred and communalism are very basic needs for them in India, because security, guaranty of safety of life, jobs and shops play a key role in the development of any nation, or community or the country.

Quran also indicates towards it. Quran says, “When we made the house (the Ka’aba at Makkah) a place of resort and a place of safety” (Surah Al-Baqrah 125). After mentioning a place of resort Quran also described Ka’aba as a place of safety because safety is the first step toward development.

When Hazart Ibrahim (A. S) began to build Ka’aba at Makkah, he said to Allah, “My Allah, make this city (Makkah) a place of security” and then after, Hazrat Ibrahim said “and provide its people with fruits”, means security is the life of development. If any community finds avenues of development, but there is no security and no safety, so certainly this community will fail in achieving a better future.

In India where the majority of Muslims are poor security and safety is a big issue before them.

Muslims were affected by the violence against them during 53 years of independent India, and we can say with full confidence that such violence pushed them back by hundred years. The latest example is Muslims of Gujarat where they were collectively targeted by Hindutva terrorism; a majority of them are still living in camps or in slums. Fear and terror can be read very easily on their face.

In this situation, if we tell them that government has agreed to provide them with reservation and quota, it will be a big mockery of the situation they are living in.

Communal terror is a big threat to Muslim’s progress in India. We know that various governments are doing their best to prevent such communal terrorism, but the Muslims are the only losers if it takes place as police turn mute spectator or go on rampage only against Muslims.

Reservation is not a big issue and backwardness of Muslims is not only because they are not getting reservations. There are so many reasons of Muslims’ backwardness across India. The Muslim leadership has to find it out first and then take a look at the real reasons that are affecting the progress of the Muslim community.

If Muslim leadership succeeds to take the government into confidence regarding the spreading communal terrorism and convince it to take steps to protect Muslims from the effects of the menace, it would mean that Muslim leadership solved a big issue of their backwardness. Safety and security is the key for advancement for any country or community.