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Shooting for the moon

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Imran Khan, the Beowulf of our time, is not strong enough to defeat all the Grendels of today. Our politics is a game of fiends and not the virtuous, and Khan has failed in this race. He must have learnt this lesson, as he is not accepted in the realm of politics.

After wandering for over a decade and a half in politics, Imran has experienced nothing but sheer disappointment for himself and the masses. This time spent in politics shows that this is not his field. He is hoping for the moon on a sunny day.

It is his own fault as he entered politics with the right approach, which was as wrong as he could get. The politics in our country is ‘Right or Left’ instead of right or wrong. He entered the arena with the approach of ‘Right or Wrong’, which proves he misjudged the entire game.

It is a universal fact that evil cannot take refuge in ‘Right or Left’, but evils have nothing but room on both sides of the political divide when it comes to our country.

He did in Rome, which the Romans themselves never did, and he paid the price.

Imran might not agree, but if he wants to play his role in politics he must negotiate with Altaf Bhai to merge their parties, as the MQM is the only party, which represents the masses instead of the influential. If both men joined hands, they might succeed in turning the tide. He has admitted that the MQM would be the real party of the masses if it could get rid of aggression from its fold.

The problem is that the ‘Right or Left’ style of politics has equally corrupt and less corrupt people in its fold, but there is no place for a clean man. For success, Imran has to be one of the two, not both at the same time, but the man is an idealist who believes that two wrongs do not make a right. This old theory has no room in politics. If he will fly the Blackburn Kangaroo in the space age, he will never reach his destiny. Change yourself or exit the race.

Imran Khan, once a cricket ground playboy who ended his career with the pride of winning the World Cup for his country, kept the same title in the field of social work.

He set his own house on fire to rid it of the rats inside, but could not make any change.

The Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital was a great achievement, which indicates his love for his mother who died of this deadly disease. She must be a proud mother.

He thinks that all politicians except himself are corrupt or not trustworthy for one reason or another, but he was always been extra careful about Nawaz Sharif. He faced the character assassination campaign run by Mushahid Hussain and Parvez Rashid during the 1997 elections when he faced Nawaz. Parvez and Mushahid at least had some ethics, but now Imran sees Hanif Abbasi and Abid Sher Ali in the ground. Imran has started his run-up against Nawaz Sharif once again, but he should be careful this time, as the two are equipped with the old weapons of character assassination.

The proverbial Brown Sahib did not know that politics is the real field where nobody can survive without ‘ball’ tampering. He should know that sportsman spirit is a banned item in politics. It is a fact that Imran will remain the twelfth man in the game of politics and will have no chance to be in the playing eleven.

He should side with one camp or another to survive in politics and will have to do in Rome what the Romans do, otherwise he will soon find himself facing the exit. An idealistic approach and idealism cannot survive in politics. Politics is the game of expediency, where you have to choose less rotten eggs from the basket, as Nawaz Sharif did. Despite hating Parvez Musharraf, Nawaz picked up some of Musharraf’s cronies.

Imran might be right in his claim that the masses are fed up with the politicians of today, but they have no other option and will ultimately choose the ‘lesser evil’ who can deliver instead of politicians like Imran Khan, who they can never see in power.

His opponents allege that Imran is morally corrupt. The people of Pakistan can ignore the financial corruption, but not moral. Unfortunately, Imran does not have a good record in this field.

Being an honest person, he has not denied his colourful past activities. But at the same time, he declared that he had put all those activities behind him, and apologised for his past. Great man. He never charged his opponents of moral corruption, but in politics, every wrong is a right if it means exploiting one’s opponents.

He married Jemima Goldsmith in June 1995, which was another case of him contradicting himself. Before his marriage, he had run a campaign against Brown sahib culture, but alas he himself became a victim of it. Finally, this marriage ended in a divorce.

But this divorce could not harm his love for his ex in-laws, as he has urged all Pakistanis and Muslims in Britain to support his ex-brother-in-law Zac Goldsmith’s candidacy in Britain’s upcoming elections. This appeal has landed him in further controversy.

He is not sure of his destiny and thoughts. At times he supports Musharraf, then all of a sudden he declares him an evil. He claimed that Musharraf had offered him the premiership, which was vehemently denied.

He fought for the independence of the judiciary, but like many others was not satisfied with the conduct of the judiciary. He did not criticise the 18th Amendment, as it suits him to be the sole proprietor of the Tehrik-e-Insaaf since the past 15 years. His test debut in cricket and politics was not impressive at all. Later in cricket, he established himself, but he is still an apprentice in politics. His first ball in cricket was wide, which struck the knee of a gully fielder and he went wicket less, but he came back after some years, armed with an Oxford education, the only son who on his maternal side belonged to a family of famous cricketers, to leave his own imprint in the country and make for himself a place in the game’s Hall of Fame as one of the most outstanding all rounders in the history of cricket.

Apart from his batting and bowling, his captaincy drew comparisons with WG Grace and Richie Benaud.

Even the recent defeat in by-elections could not open his eyes to reality, otherwise he would have decided to retreat from politics and focus on his real domain, social work. Or he would have developed a think-tank to raise issues facing Pakistan and find their solutions.

But the stake of his companions is very high and they are not letting him go out. He is surely the most disgruntled person in power politics.

He was charged of ball tampering in cricket, but he has never tampered with politics, which was his biggest mistake.

I believe if he had focused on his real business, he would eventually be worshipped.

Imran, come back home, you cannot fit into the dirty politics of this age. Serve the poor and deserving people in the education and health sectors, every one can make bucks, but only you can make a difference.

If he comes back home, we can quote Tracy Chapman, “I’ve seen and met angels wearing the disguise of ordinary people living ordinary lives.”