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Legal action must be taken against Hamid Mir: Rashed Rahman

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LAHORE: Legal action must be initiated against Hamid Mir after the Inter-Services Intelligence and government quarters confirmed the authenticity of the taped conversation between Mir and a Taliban militant, Daily Times Editor Rashed Rahman said on Wednesday. Talking to Business Plus, he said Hamid Mir is answerable in this regard. “The Daily Times initiated self-accountability in the media by publishing a transcript of the taped conversation between Mir and an unidentified Taliban militant,” he said, adding that several people had contacted the Media Times Group with evidence against Mir. He also defended his decision to publish the taped conversation in the Daily Times. “It was a tough decision to publish such news, but we went ahead and published it,” he said, adding that the freedom of the media could be marred with restrictions in case of irresponsible behaviour. Describing the taped conversation as “doctored” and “concocted”, Hamid Mir has served the Daily Times with a legal notice and has claimed Rs 250 million in damages. According to BBC Urdu, the Jang Group has set up an investigation committee and has announced the conducting of an impartial investigation in this regard. A large number of websites carry the contents of the audiotape, describing it a candid conversation on the telephone between Hamid Mir and a militant. Mir, who finds himself in the midst of a raging debate on the issue of journalistic ethics, has described the taped conversation “doctored” and “concocted”. Separately, Senator Faisal Raza Abidi said the government had verified the authenticity of the voices on the audio tape from intelligence agencies. He said the audio clipping proved Hamid Mir’s links with the Taliban.