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The Red Terror

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By Rohit Kumar

India’s operation ‘Green Hunt’ against the Communist Party Of India—Maoists- has become a red terror that threatens to engulf the entire north eastern part of India all the way to Nepal. There are disquieting signs that it could spread to other states that have grossly unequal growth, unimaginable poverty and minorities with grievances against Hindu fanaticism and oppression. Gujerat is one such state—there are others.

The Naxals ( Maoist insurgents) have used IED’s with deadly effect against CRPF personnel of India forcing them to leave their vehicles and move on foot– once dismounted they become prey to cleverly disguised anti personnel IED’s. Seeing their companions maimed and blown to bits the others are terrified to even move one foot forward. This is what the Naxals want because then they can attack stationary, exposed and largely paralyzed targets.

Right now gun battles are raging in Jagarkunda and Sukma districts of Chittisgarh. A deadly ambush has decimated an 80 strong CRPF contingent with more than 73 killed. There is no respite in sight because the Maoists are fighting with skill, determination and courage. India’s central and state police are no match for the Maoists.

State governments, CRPF—Central Reserve Police Forces and state police have avoided a confrontation with the Maoists preferring to accept bribes and have covert contacts. This is how the Maoists were able to terrorize the locals and force them to cooperate. The populations in these areas have serious grievances because of corrupt politicians and police forces. They have j0ined hands with the Maoists and give them cover and information.

India’s propensity to use force has led to disasters –as in the case of a ill starred intervention in Sri Lanka’s ethnic conflict that led to a humiliating withdrawal. Brutalized Indian forces have been operating in the disputed Kashmir area alienating the largely Muslim population. Hindu extremism and terrorism is also linked to the underworld and the predominantly Hindu armed forces and police.

Indian media has been reporting raids to pick up innocent Muslims particularly students. There are reports of inhuman torture inflicted on those arrested without due process. This has the inevitable effect of alienating people. The involvement of intelligence agencies further complicates the situation.

Right now world attention is focused on Chittisgarh but this is just the tip of the iceberg—the red tide that can sweep across wide swathes of India nullifying its economic gains and status.

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April 6, 2010 at 10:36 am