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World response to flood victims disappointing: Clegg

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SUKKUR : British Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg on Wednesday underlined that destruction caused by devastating floods in Pakistan is more than our imagination stressing undoubtedly response of International Community towards flood affectees is ‘disappointing’.

British Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg expressed these views during his visit to flood hit areas in Sukkur and in a quick chat with flood victims on Wednesday.

The UK’s Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg during his visit also announced how lifesaving aid from the UK will be allocated while visiting Sukkur.

The aid will be targeted at Punjab and Sindh, and includes 2,330 water pumps/points to provide safe drinking water for hundreds of thousands of people; · 1,150 private bathing facilities, benefiting thousands of people particularly women; Emergency shelter kits for around 30,500 families – provide shelter for more than 152,000 people;·Around 5,000 toilets installed/repaired, for use by some quarter of a million people; Hygiene kits for about 75,000 families, containing for example bath, dish and laundry soap, disinfectant, women’s sanitary materials, tooth brush/paste, towel, comb etc.

The UK Government will allocate £9 million (Rs 1.1bn) to Save the Children, Concern, and Oxfam to provide and distribute the aid items announced.

“It’s now one month since the monsoon floods started, and the disaster in Pakistan is getting worse, he said.

“The coming days and weeks are critical; millions of people in Punjab and Sindh in the south of Pakistan have lost their homes and are facing hunger and illness unless they get vital help right now.

“That’s why today I can confirm that the UK will push out more emergency aid over the coming days in what is now the worst affected area of Pakistan, including safe drinking water, toilets, emergency shelter, water pumps, and other lifesaving items”, he added.