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Abdullah Haroon urges US to increase aid to Pakistan

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ISLAMABAD, Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United Nations Abdullah Hussain Haroon has urged Obama Administration to increase aid for military as well as for social and economic development of impoverished tribal areas. In an interview with CBS News, he said “The Obama Administration needs to increase military aid as well as money for social and economic development of impoverished tribal areas.”

He further added that US aid must be increased, not as a handout, but in training, cooperation and tariff reduction.

To a question he strongly condemned action of Faisal Shahzad in US. “We consider this a despicable act of terror. It only serves to fortify the resolve of the international community that we should join ranks to eliminate this evil.”

“We have to realize that terrorist threat is more dire to the world than any other threat there’s ever been and it tends to encompass the globe with shadows and those shadows strike at will and manage to create havoc and harm and hurt innocents, ” Haroon said.

Ambassador Haroon asked clerics to clearly declare that suicide bombing is forbidden.
“If they do that – even declare a ‘fatwah’ on suicide bombers then the steam would be taken out of some of the attacks across the world.”

He was of the view that “We are not fighting against an organized army, we are fighting against a nebulous series of cells.”

He urged US to transfer drone technology to the Pakistan.