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An Indian Gujrati Baniya, A Kashmiri Pandit, And Sikh Nation

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OTTAWA, Canada-Since 15th of August, 1947, the Sikhs have lost almost everything in their lives that it is needed for their very survival. First of all, the Sikhs lost their Sikh Nation, Holy and Historic Homeland, PUNJAB, the Sikh Nation what it used to be the ‘First Sovereign and Secular Nation’ of South Asia.

This was the Sikh Nation, PUNJAB, of monarch Ranjit Singh, 1799 to 14 March, 1899. Let us go a little further, there has been a historical evidence, which many a Sikh would not like to even mention, because it had been the so-called Sikhs’ leader, a Brahmin turned to a Khatri (Malhotra) and then became a member of the the ‘House of Baba Guru Nanak Sahib (the founder of the Sikh Religion)’, a leader of the Sikhs’ Akali Party, and who came with the contacts of a Baniya named MK Gandhi (the person who insulted the 10th Master of the Sikhs, who revealed the ‘Khalsa Panth or Guru Khalsa Panth. The Baniya MK Gandhi insulted the 10th Master by calling him with derogatory remarks) and a Brahmin, JL Nehru.

This master Tara Singh ‘devoid’ of the teachings of Guru Granth Sahib, had more than a million of Sikh killed in genocide before 15 August, 1947. On that day, the friend and follower of a Gujrati Baniya and a Kashmiri Brahmin (MK Gandhi and JL Nehru), ‘swallowed’ the Sikh Nation, Punjab. On 10 October, 1947, these two friends and supporters of Master Singh declared through a government circular that the “Sikhs are lawless people and are dangerous to the law-abiding Hindus-Brahmins.” Did the Sikhs remember these words and acted in terms of what is in store for them in the post-15th August, 1947 period?

Since 15 August, 1947, more than 3.4 million Sikhs of the ‘Landless Sikh Nation, PUNJAB, Khalistan, have been killed in numerous genocides, pogroms, fake-encounter killings of Sikh youth, Sikh females have been humiliated in the 1978 massacre of Sikhs in Amritsar, an ‘undeclared’ war in the form of a brutal military “Operation Bluestar” of June, 1984, 1980s, 1990s, together with the genocide of the Sikh culture by the ‘Bollywood Movie Industry’s Bikni Culture’ and under the ‘ulterior motives’ adopted by the Hindu-Brahmin fundamentalists and militants.

The so-called Sikh politicians, if they are the politicians at all, jathedars/band leaders appointed by the State administration of the Sikhs’ Holy and Historic Homeland, etc., have turned bootlickers/Chapliachuts of the ‘Brahmins-Hindus’ alleged Indian Institution of democracy. Have any professionals, politicians, the Sikh youth followers of the Bollywood’s Bikni Culture paid any attention to their fast deteriorating Sikh Culture, Sikh Religion, Sikh politicians, Sikh academia, Sikh professionals, Sikhs of the armed forces, etc? No, not at all.

Under the promotional programmes, everyhing is ‘fine, be happy with the consumption of alcohol, drugs, filthy songs in the name of entertainment and cultural programmes’, etc. The Sikh youth, you need not to think about your future. We, the Brhmins-Hindus will take care of you, to destroy you and uproot you. The bootlickers of the Brahmins-Hindus are taking you away from educating you. In essence, your enemy will make you a culture-less entities, devoid of everything which makes you a person to fit in the society of the ‘Brahmins-Hindus’ and its main stream as we, the Brahmins did in the Devdasi culture (a taboo) of our Hindu temples. You, the Sikh youth, have been made the victims of the ‘Brahmins-Hindus’ Educational System, prescribed, watched and executed carefully by the ‘Brahmins-Hindus’ Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) networks. And by the time you come to your senses (or open up your eyes), it would have been too late, or you have missed the boat.

We, the Brahmins-Hindus, will never let you to come to your senses. This is our policy, the Sikh youth, if you try to understand it. This will continue to destroy the Sikh Culture, your religious institutions, reading. reciting, and making your future plans for your uplift, based on the ‘reading and reciting your Holy Scripture, Guru Granth Sahib ji, the compilation of the teachings of the Sikh Guru Sahibans, from Guru Baba Nanak Sahib to Sahib Guru Gobind Singh ji’, should you come to your senses from our (Brahmins-Hindus) ulterior motives. Until you, the Sikhs, realize that you belong to the ‘House of Guru Baba Nanak Sahib alias Guru Khalsa Panth’, the Brahmins-Hindus would have a ‘Tight Control’ on your life as we the Brahmins-Hindus have already having your apex institution under our ‘Tight fist’, using your turbaned Brahmins-Hindus in ‘The Sikh Identity’. Until you, the Sikh youth, realize that the ‘Brahmins-Hindus’ are neither a culture nor a religion, and all out to ‘swallow’ the Sikh Religion.Until your soul compels that you need to know your Sikh History from the Sikh point of view. The Sikh History from the Sikh point of view will never be allowed you to read, practice and learn. That is what our plans are to destroy your ‘religion and culture’. The Sikh religion which is the 5th largest religion of the world.

Many of the Sikh Diaspora have formed their groups, professional outfits, Simran Sewa, Law Societies, etc., to tackle the Genocides, human, religious rights, gross human rights of the Sikhs and non-Hindu-Brahmin minorities. Good for you, the Sikh professionals of the Sikh Diaspora. But do not forget, you will never succeed until you know your own history, i. e., The Sikh History from the Sikh Point of view. Please do not forget the so-called Sikh politicians or the turbaned ‘Brahmins-Hindus’ in ‘The Sikh Identity’ will never let you succeed until you have fulfilled the primary requirements to ‘Read, recite and understand your own Holy Scripture, Guru Granth Sahib ji’. Further, you professionals, always write under your messages that ‘Please send your donations/contributions’ for the work you have been doing by spending your precious time in engaging yourself in the “Gross Human Rights violations, genocide, fake-encounters of your community, The Sikh Diaspora,” you have to ask and you are required in accordance with the Sikh Way of Life, where is your ‘Daswand or Tith, or at least one-tenth of your income that is required to be spent on the house you belong to, i. e., the ‘House of Guru Baba Nanak Sahib or the Guru Khalsa Panth’? You need not to answer this question to anyone, simply have to ask yourself; but to ask yourself only. Simply, my dears, by saying ‘Maya Mastani Ho gayi hai, Tuhaada Dafter Band Ho giya hai; Khalsa ji, Paise (monetry) di madad karo, Singho. The people who have been a ‘part’ in prolonging the “Sikhs’ Struggle to Regain Their Lost Sovereignty, Independence and Political power of the ‘Sikh Nation, PUNJAB, ever since they Lost their Struggle (the Sikhs) on the fateful day of 14th March, 1849.”

Answerable to the “Sikhs’ Struggle of Sovereignty by peaceful means,” are Master Tara Sinh, Fateh Sinh, Chanan Sinh, Pratap S Kairon, the Majithias of Amritsar, Prakash Sinh Badal (an agent of the RAW), Badal-Akalis Private Limited Incorporation, Badal and his ‘joe boys and joe girls’, jathedars and the Sikh youth, for whom you have been fighting their cases of genocide – the Sikh Diaspora professional.

Indeed, the money is needed, but not for those who ‘Do Not’ have the Road Map for the Sikh Nation, the Sikhs’ Sovereignty. The latter is the ‘Life line for the Sikhs’ Survival’. My dears (Sikhs) do not forget that what you need and what will your devotion should be for the ‘Sikhs’ Sovereignty, nothing less than the Sovereignty’.

With due respect to the Sikh professional lawyers, you have attained your expertise in the field of law, international law, but you need to have a ‘big’ heart to know which you have no choice but to come to the grip of your enemy’s motives that the Indian Constitution 1950 was ‘rejected’ in the Indian parliament repeatedly in 1948, 26th November, 1949, 1950 and more recently on the 6th September, 1966, by the Sikh representatives to the Lok Sabha (Sardar Hukam Singh, Sardar Bhupinder Singh Mann and Sirdar Kapur Singh, ICS, MP, MLA and the National Professor of Sikhism, on behalf of their electorals of the ‘Landless Sikh Nation, PUNJAB, Sikh Nation, Khalistan; presently under the occupation of the Brahmins-Hindus’ Indian State. None of the Sikh members of parliament has accepted/signed/endorsed the Indian Constitution).


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