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The Dirty Blame Game

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By: Rohit Kumar

In the aftermath of the November 26th, 2008, attack in Mumbai, a number of fingers were pointed either in the direction of militant organizations based on Pakistani soil, or towards a carefully orchestrated operation designed by the notorious ISI of Pakistan. Isn’t it surprising that hardly anyone, not even the media – even the so called independent media of India – begged to differ, and instead jumped on to the Pakistan bashing bandwagon?

The Wiki Leak cables once again have exposed information which should have never reached the public eye. The latest diplomatic cables have put horrific Mumbai attacks into a completely different light by giving an alternative to the cliché of Pakistan’s nefarious designs to a much more grand conspiracy behind the infamous Mumbai fiasco. According to the source of the Wiki Leak entries, US Ambassador Timothy Roemer claimed that Rahul Gandhi had told him that Hindu-supremacist saffron terror was probably a greater threat to national security than Islamist terror.

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