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Case likely to be filed in Pakistan against Shahzad, ‘aides’

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By Asad Kharal

LAHORE: The authorities have decided to register a case against the Times Square bomb suspect Faisal Shahzad – a 30-year-old US national of Pakistani origin who stands charged with attempting to use weapons of mass destruction – and his aides if a link is established with a terror group, sources said on Wednesday.

The sources said the case would be registered with the Special Investigation Unit Police Station at the FIA headquarters in Islamabad, and the Special Investigation Group (SIG) would be tasked with the investigation. The SIG would later file an investigation report with a special anti-terrorism court. The group would investigate if financial and logistical support was provided to Shahzad from Pakistan.

A joint investigation team of the Inter-Services Intelligence, the Military Intelligence, the Intelligence Bureau, the Federal Investigation Agency, the Crime Investigation Department and the SIG has also been constituted.

Pakistan is also seeking information on Shahzad and his friends, their phone and computer records and other related documents from the US investigators. The government also wants the US to provide Shahzad’s bank details.

An intelligence source said the government would approach Interpol to “bring back” Pakistani citizens found involved with “the terror network”.

Intelligence agencies have acquired Shahzad’s numbers and arrested those he contacted.

According to investigators, Shahzad used 17 different mobile SIMs during his stay in Pakistan as well as in the US. The government has also approached the State Bank to acquire information on Shahzad’s accounts in Pakistan, and asked foreign exchange companies to provide details of money transfers made by Shahzad. Intelligence agencies have ordered all provincial headquarters to provide central headquarters details of all arrests made. Police, the Special Branch, the CID and even some intelligence agencies have no information on the arrests made from Karachi and other major cities since Shahzad’s arrest.


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